When Skinny Jeans are Too Skinny


Skinny jeans are our friend; that is, if we are mindful of a few very important factors when buying. Each brand is different, and even each style within that brand is different. Some have more spandex or elastane, some are cut differently, and some colors even look different in the same style. The worst thing a person can do when shopping for skinnies is get stuck in the mindset that they are one size across the board. This ignorant way of thinking can cost you in dollars, self esteem, and appearance. For example, I am typically a size 6. However, if the jeans have more stretch, and are in a darker color, I could possibly do a 4. If the jeans are white, forget it, I am going up to an 8 and tailoring in the waist. I cannot chance them being so tight that one can see cellulite or unsightly tight lines across the back of my jeans. I would much prefer to have some room in my jeans by the end of the day rather than be squeezed in. My dad used to call my jeans spray paint in high school- ladies, it was not a compliment. Let’s buy the size up and get on with it. You know you want the pasta at dinner, and not that boring salad. Buy jeans to fit your life, don’t fit your life to your ideal size jeans. Those jeans will break your heart every time. And PS- sizing up in jeans will actually make you look smaller, when tailored to fit. Moving on…! Let’s take a look at some examples of skinny jeans done right…

light skinnies

skinny back


¬†Remember, the mirror doesn’t lie. Check yourself out, and decide what looks best. Ignore the size! Roll or hem your skinnies to hit just above your ankle bone and add a heel for the most flattering results if you’re vertically challenged. Longer tops work great over white jeans if you’re a little unsure if they’re too tight. Don’t be afraid to rock skinnies, just make sure you buy the size that fits best, tailor them a little if necessary, and style to your liking!

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