Take 2!… or 3..

Hi! I’m Clare Koppang, shop owner, wardrobe stylist, wife and mama. Ask Clare started way back in 2012, but I have taken a few big breaks (like years at a time). Life got in the way, but here I am nine years later rebranding and kicking it off again. I figured if it’s still something I think about a lot and want to do, then it’s something I need to do.

I love helping you get dressed without the stress. Remember when you had a new outfit as a kid and how great you felt putting it on? Let’s get back to that. Noticing what makes us feel good instead of focusing on what doesn’t fit. My store, Council Wardrobe Studio, is founded on wardrobe styling + closet edits, and the idea that we should build the wardrobe of our dreams! It can be a really fun process instead of the stress you might be used to when things don’t fit right or you don’t know your style.

Welcome to Ask Clare! I’m so glad you stopped by, and look forward to helping answer your style questions!

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