Don’t Get Stuck on Size

Here’s a novel concept- buy clothes that actually fit. So many of us (myself included!) have purchased items that are our “motivation piece” and are supposed to help us be motivated to lose weight and get back to our “normal size”. That’s cute and all, but we have to live life in between now and getting to that size, and we need to be able to feel good about ourselves in the meantime. I know what you’re thinking- if you buy the size you are right now, you may get too comfortable and never lose the weight.

But, I have a different theory. You may think buying clothes that are too small will motivate you to hit the gym more often, but it’ll probably just make you feel bad about yourself. My goal every day is to feel good! Yours should be too. So if I’m staring at that dress in my closet wishing I could wear it to date nights and birthday parties as they pass, I’m feeling shame and guilt for not being able to wear it. If you just buy the dang dress in your current size, you’re going to feel so comfortable and confident! And when you feel good, you will be encouraged to work out and eat well from a place of being healthy, not going down the rabbit hole of shame. Make sense? So when you shop, be honest with yourself and buy what size you are today. Don’t save that dress for 6 months from now. Be your best self today, and know that your best self shines from within, not at a particular size or weight.

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