Craving Contrast

jeans detail

All of this NYFW talk has got me thinking about the styles that are classics that continue to be recycled, and the ones that are fads that will have their day in the sun, then go into hiding for (hopefully) forever. Neutral colors, flowing dresses, stripes, the color red- just a few things that will forever be in fashion. Another thing that is timeless and flattering is CONTRAST.  In all design areas- fashion, home decor, architecture, you will always find contrast appealing to the eye; ripped up boyfriend jeans with jeweled heels, for example is a perfect illustration. After all, styling is about creatively pairing things together in a way that works for you- your body, your taste, and your lifestyle. Try to continue contrasting your outfits- with color, fabric, fit- to keep things interesting. You’ll have a better day if you feel like you look good, trust me.

APpurplemaxiphoto here.

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