Why White Jeans?

Q: I love fashion, and want to invest in stylish things, but am on a budget. What items could I purchase that won’t go out of style in a couple seasons?

A: Smart girl! You should be concerned with longevity in the pieces you purchase anytime, especially when managing a smaller budget. Don’t get too caught up with neon, Aztec prints, fringe or colored denim. Think about a 20 year span of fashion- or even a 10 year span. Would you have worn neon or pastel jeans 10 years ago in 2003? No, probably not. However, you would have still worn things like white jeans, nude heels, snakeskin sandals, or a denim jacket. These items are classic pieces; they just need to be tweaked in style as the years progress. You can purchase cheaper jewelry from a site such as Bauble Bar, and dig up any family heirloom pieces to mix together. A simple V-neck tee or tank top can be main staples, layering with your splurge pieces.


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