Belts, Ladies.

Q: Are belts in belt loops IN or OUT?

A: Oh, you mean belts used the good old fashioned way, to hold up pants. I have gotten a lot of questions regarding belts lately. Belts will draw attention to whatever part of your body they are on. Thicker belts in pant belt loops will inevitably create some bulk. This said, if your lower body is the larger part of your body, try dark jeans/pants and have them tailored to your body to hold them up. Many women who buy jeans to fit their hips find them too large in the waist. Once you learn the joys of having things altered to your body, dressing will become much more enjoyable! If your body shape is pretty straight or even hourglass, you can pull off a belt a little easier since the little bit of bulk it adds will not do much to your figure. The mirror doesn’t lie. Try different belts at home with your pants to test what looks best! If you’re pear-shaped and still feel you need a belt, add a scarf or necklace that will distract from your hips.

fashionvibephoto here.

Avoiding a Belt…..


photo here.

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