Every Closet Needs…


photo compliments of polyvore

 If you’re having trouble knowing what to shop for to enhance your closet, first make sure you have a few basic staples. Everyone needs a pair of jeans. I don’t care how old you are or what you do everyday; there will still be times you want to relax and throw on a pair of jeans. A pretty, silk top is another great addition to any woman’s closet since it can be paired with denim or a black pencil skirt- also a great,versatile piece for occasions such as weddings or business meetings. A pair of neutral heels will take your jeans up a notch, and work year-round with your dressy clothes. A classic blazer can work the same magic as it can be dressed down with denim and up with pants or a skirt, and is a great “instant outfit maker” which means you can throw it on over a neutral tee or silk top to spruce up your look! Everyone needs weather gear, so invest in a nice rain jacket and a pair of weather-proof shoes. No woman is more miserable than than the one in heels on a rainy, or icy day. Black leggings can be worn under a tunic or poncho, as well as with a large tee for workout gear. Sunglasses are a must for eye protection and chic appeal, a great go-with-anything clutch is something you’ll need for parties or going out when you don’t want to carry your large handbag, and a cool hat can be used to mask dirty hair as well as give instant style.

Before you begin to create your personal style, make sure these basics are readily available in your closet!

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