New Year, New Closet!

closetmakeoverphoto here.

 What better time of year to clean out your closet than New Years? It may seem like a daunting task, but decide to tackle it one day when your mind is clear and you have plenty of time. Take time to really consider each piece and if you’ll wear it or not. I’m going to share some tips to make the process go smoothly, separating things in stacks, then eliminating stacks or reworking the stacks. You want to look good and feel good everyday? It starts with an organized closet. And I don’t just mean putting tops with tops, and placing your shoes in a neat row. I mean really thinking about what looks you are attracted to that fit into your lifestyle, and how to plan outfits.

oliviawilde closetphoto here.

Divide & Conquer!

Separate pieces into stacks of things that fit and things that do not fit. Then, separate the stack of items that fits into “Fits & Wear Frequently” and “Fits, but Never Wear”. Separate the stack of items that do not fit into “Doesn’t Fit- Needs Altering”, and “Doesn’t Fit- Unflattering/Must Go”. You should have 4 stacks.


Take the “Fits & Wear Frequently” stack and hang back in your closet, starting the organization process here. Arrange by tops, bottoms, dresses, and outerwear, shoes and accessories.

Take the “Fits, but Never Wear” stack and ask yourself piece by piece WHY you never wear it. You don’t know how to style it or haven’t had an appropriate occasion to wear it yet? Keep it. You feel uncomfortable in it or don’t like the style/color/print? Toss it. (We will discuss what tossing it means). Now add the pieces you’ve decided to keep back to your closet, keeping them organized. Make a “Toss” pile with the things you’ve decided not to keep.

Take the “Doesn’t Fit- Needs Altering” stack and ask yourself piece by piece “Do I like this enough to get it altered? Will it change the look of the garment to alter it? Is it worth the alteration cost or would I rather put that money into a new piece?” Make your decisions and separate into “Alterations” and “Toss” piles.

The last stack, “Doesn’t Fit, Must Go” stack should be easy. Unless there is something such as a family heirloom that you should hold onto, this entire stack should go to “Toss”.

What Does “TOSS” Mean?

First, DONATE things that are old or out of style, worn-looking or damaged, but still in decent, wearable condition.

Next, CONSIGN pieces that are current styles in very good condition . Special pieces that are older but in good condition are things that you should try to sell to a vintage store.

Last, TRASH severely damaged or stained pieces.

If over half your closet got TOSS’d, you probably need to build on your closet a bit. Check out tomorrow’s post for staples that every closet should have and how to style them for your lifestyle!

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