Kid’s Styling Tips

My friend Kate

 Getting kids ready for school in the morning can easily become chaotic. Even if you’ve picked their outfits the night before, the early morning mood can be unpredictable, and lead to time consuming parent-child debates over something as simple as their outfit. Planning a look book of outfits for children may seem ridiculous, but it is actually a very smart tactic to ensure better mornings and a more confident child at school. Just like the rest of us, when they like how they look, they feel better. My young client and friend, Kate, above, is happily doing her homework while sharing input on outfits I’m creating for her Fall look book. A few important things to remember when dressing your kids for school:

  • Keep it Simple.  Show personality with patterns and textures, but leave out distracting jewelry or too many layers.
  • Comfy Shoes. Listen to your child when they say their shoes are too big or small. An ill-fitting shoe can be a distraction and a discomfort.
  • Follow Dress Code. In order to keep their focus on schoolwork, keep them in dress code. You don’t want them worried or embarrassed at school.

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